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Dan My name is Dan Ohler, and I have been a life coach for more than a decade. Life coaching can be extremely useful for everyone, in business teams, for couples and other personal relationships.

Let’s look at business first

Your business, my business, any business is not just a machine to print money.  At the core, it is about relationships. For that reason, leading a successful organization today is not always easy. You can do a fabulous job in the technical and mechanical parts of the business, and yet there are many ‘human inconveniences’ that put organizations in a real pickle.

•    The high cost of labor
•    Employee retention issues
•    Lack of team spirit
•    Negative attitudes
•    Unacceptable customer service
•    Generational differences

Even if your business only has one employee – you, I am guessing some of these slow down productivity, affecting the bottom line and the level of fulfillment and happiness.  When you hire me to help, I will not and do not fix anyone, because I do not believe anyone is broken. When you and I work together, your team will gain tools and strategies they can choose to apply NOW to enhance their personal and professional relationships. Although it is their choice, I will challenge them to think, speak and act in a more effective way.

The next time you need a relationship coach, communication training, community development facilitation, or any other type of life coaching, I am ready and waiting to begin working with you. With years of experience working with a wide variety of clients, there is no problem too big or too small for me to guide you through.
For more information about couples, business, life or personal relationship coaching, or if you are ready to get started, contact Thinkin Outside the Barn today at 780-785-9479.

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