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Relationship Coaching Services in Edmonton ABImagine that we’re having a kitchen-table conversation with you.  Guests in our home quickly become friends who help themselves to what they want.  So grab your favourite beverage and make yourself comfortable.

Now, we want to know about you.

In your relationship with your life-partner, do you experience any of these:

  • Silence, frustration, defensiveness, ticked-off-ness, or anger?
  • Arguments, disagreements, and conflicts?
  • Questionable honesty, fear, and/or guilt?
  • Ineffective communication?
  • Lack of intimacy?
  • Insufficient or absence of romance, passion, play, and sex?

It’s a bunch of “guck”, isn’t it?  Would you like to get rid of that guck?

Would you like to nurture and grow your relationship to be just the way you want it?

If so, you’re at the right place.
The Results of Working on Your Relationship
Developing strategies for overcoming relationship guck, means you’ll both be more focussed, productive, and effective in your professional roles, in your family, and your community.  And it means there are added benefits of what happens between the bedsheets – Wohoo!

If we can help you

  • gain the tools and strategies
  • develop the processes and systems, and
  • create consciousness and effective habits

would that be of value to you?  If we can help you to excel in your relationship with your life-partner, would you be willing to invest a bit of time, effort, and maybe some money?

If so, the first thing to do is to subscribe to our FREE Barnyard Musings e-zine, right over there in the right column of this page.  With each one you’ll gain insights and humour that you can apply immediately in your relationship.  And you’ll get lots of free videos, reports, and templates you can use too.

Why Work with Dan & Carol Ohler?

You might be thinking, “Who are these people?  Can we trust them?”
Good questions.  The following points will minimize your risk and help you feel at-ease.

  1. We care deeply about you, even if we haven’t met you yet.  Our greatest desire is that something we say, write, or do will help you to become a better friend, confidant, and lover.  We know that as you find ways to create greater happiness, it positively affects others in your life and ultimately makes the world a better place.  And that’s a good thing for us all to work toward, isn’t it?
  2. We’ve been married for over 30 years. The truth; it has not always been good.  In fact, we went through some nasty, uncomfortable, disrespectful, crappy times.  We came so close to ending our relationship many times.  But we knew that we loved each other and we found ways to stop the negative spiral and ignite the fire of passion again.  And it keeps getting better every day.  We’ve distilled some of the key components for you.  We continue to discover, develop, and apply them, and so can you now.  Relationship building is not rocket-science.  It’s not always easy or convenient, but it is simple.  What we give you is tried and true.  These principles will work for you, if you choose to apply them.  It’s always your choice, and so are your results.
  3. We’ve been doing couples coaching, and facilitating couples seminars and retreats for well over 10 years. We’ve got tons of experience working with hundreds of couples of all ages, and in all stages of their relationships.  We know we can work with you two too (not a typo – done on purpose).
  4. We’ve got accreditations, certifications, and pieces of paper that indicate we’re supposed to know something.   They are just pieces of paper in our filing cabinet.  Our history shows that we’ve applied this knowledge and a lot of common-sense – it has become wisdom – and we’d like to share it with you.
  5. We could give you statistics up the wazzoo about dysfunctional home relationships in regard to divorce rates and costs, family violence, abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, stress-related illness, etc.  But we won’t, unless you ask.  We know you’re intelligent and aware.  You’ve seen the evidence in your neighbourhood, and you know how dysfunctional relationships negatively affect society.

Now, let’s wander together and find the information you need to grow your relationship from where it is now, to a much higher place of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Come along now to see what’s in store for you…

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