About Dan

Whether you’re part of a planning committee, or the individual making the decision, you’ve got a lot of risk.  Questions like these may ramble through your brain:

  • How can we be sure our learning objectives are met?
  • Will our team or delegates have a great experience and gain valuable take-aways they can apply in their professions?
  • Will we experience a great return for our investment?
  • Is our presenter credible, knowledgeable, engaging, and entertaining

Shucks, let’s be honest.  What you’re really thinking is this:  I sure hope this guy doesn’t suck.

You’ve got a tough job, but maybe this will help you make your decision.

People Say Dan Ohler is Different

If you want a 3-piece suit, degrees, credentials up the ying-yang, and a jargon-filled PowerPoint, I’ll be blunt: I’m not your guy.

If you’re looking for a Relationship Specialist or Leadership Coach with grassroots rural values, authenticity, honesty, and expertise in technologies of love – let’s talk.  I’m the same guy in your conference room as I am when you meet me in the grocery store, my home, or high on a mountain ridge.  Know what?  I’d be thrilled to meet you in any of those places.  And by the way, I’m going backpacking in the Rockies this summer – want to come along?

Methodology for Change

When we work together with your team, you’ll all come away feeling different than before.  The principles I’ll share are basic, effective, and immediately applicable for you.  You’ll have fun, feel energetic, and engaged, because you learn best when you are laughing, moving, and sharing.  But I’ll poke some buttons too!  I’ll challenge your team to “think outside the barn” and apply the principles NOW.   The knowledge means squat.  It’s the application that is key.

If the buzz phrase, “Corporate Social Responsibility” is floating around your office,  you’ll be compelled to make positive change in regard to caring for your employees, their families, customers, community, and environment.  After all, they are all inter-related.

“The positive impact of your keynote presentation is still resonating throughout our organization. All of the feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly supportive – it is most encouraging and heartening to have that positive reaction. Thanks again for your part in a most memorable first all-staff meeting for Parkland County. An exceptionally high bar has been set for future events.”

Pat Vincent, CEO, Parkland County

Relational Leadership, aka Technologies of Love – is Dan Ohler right for you?

I  know I can help you, but I don’t know if we’re a good fit.  We’ll work together to determine that.  Download and complete this FREE Relational Leadership Audit.  It will help you prioritize your learning objectives so we’ve got something to grow toward – a harvest to plan.

If we’re congruent, I’ll custom-tailor a presentation especially to fit your theme, your time-frame, and your team’s challenges – either as an interactive workshop or a shorter keynote presentation.

You might be thinking, “This guy is full of hot air.”

My wife, Carol, says it a bit differently.

Bits ‘n pieces about Dan:

Added Bonus For You (a Twofer)

Your Bonus – A Twofer One Deal. You know how good it feels when you go into your favourite supermarket or clothing store, you find exactly what you want, and a sign says, “Buy 1, get 1 free”?  I call that a twofer – get two fer the price of one.

If you choose a Communication Excellence workshop, Carol will co-facilitate.  You get 2 professional facilitators fer the price of 1.   Cool deal, eh?

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