Coaching with Carol

Here’s what I believe: Every person is resourceful and totally capable of achieving whatever dreams, goals, and desires they have.

The challenge is that many of us haven’t allowed ourselves to even think about what might be possible for us and just accept whatever life gives us. This often applies to our most important relationships – with our spouse or life-partner, family, colleagues, and in community. And when our most important relationships are less than successful, it is difficult to keep our focus at work.

I have been in business with my husband, Dan, for over 30 years and have experienced the business challenges that resulted when my relationship was not healthy. I have also experienced the joy, fulfillment, and abundance that happen when my relationship is on track.

Telling people what to do rarely works. However, through a process of powerful, intuitive, and deep questions, you will be moved toward your own solutions. You’ll have me as your accountability partner so that you follow through on your commitments. As you attain results, you will be invited to Celebrate Your Success (even the small successes)! You will be inspired to move forward to bigger successes and experience greater satisfaction, joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Most of my clients are business-minded women who:successful woman

• are committed to ongoing growth, personally and professionally
• understand that the quality of their relationships is foundational to making their life full, rewarding and worthwhile
• are willing to do whatever is necessary to enhance their relationships – with self and others
• are ready to bask in the success that follows!

Does that describe you?

I invite you to email me to learn what is possible for you.



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