Relationship Recharge Get-away Retreat

Do you take vacations together – camping, Caribbean cruise, road-trip, site seeing, etc?

Yes?  This is fabulous! Congratulations!!

No?  Well, maybe it’s time to think about getting away together.

Here is a way to have the time away from home, yet with a very conscious purpose to build on the foundation of your relationship.  This is a get-away that will provide you with memories and commitments that will provide value for your life-time.

Relationship Recharge Get-away allows you a “get-out-a-town” experience to enhance and expand your relationship to a level you may not have thought possible.

Relaxing?  Not likely.  Rewarding?  Absolutely and positively!!

Relationship Recharge Get-away is a fabulous addition to your Couples Coaching package.

  • It can fit well to kick off your coaching experience and set the tone for a value-full experience.
  • It can be a great mid-stream event to ratchet you forward with greater passion, dedication and commitment.
  • Or it can be a phenomenal way to conclude your Couples Coaching, and to cement your commitments to be your own best support system and accountability partners.

What is it?Couples with heart hand shape

Relationship Recharge Get-away provides you with a 24-hour retreat at Ohlers’ Acres (a small country B & B, one hour west of Edmonton, AB).  It is a tranquil and peaceful rural location, where you receive a minimum of 4 hours of coaching specific to you, plus an abundance of time to be together and work on your relationship, without the distractions of phones, TV, computers, doorbells, etc.

What is is NOT?  This is not an event with a bunch of other couples where you take turns sharing dirty laundry, and then sit in a circle, hold hands and sing “Kumbaya.”

Relationship Recharge Get-away is exclusive – just the two of you and the two of us.

The 4-hours of coaching is purposefully spaced during your stay so you create the greatest value for yourselves.  When you have time alone, we’ll invite you to get outside for a walk in the woods, to go birdwatching, play bocce, sit by the campfire, or whatever you choose to do together.  Or if it is cold outside, you’ll be able to sit by the big woodstove or play indoor games.  Often, you’ll have a communication exercise to do at the same time.

No only do you receive value from the coaching, you’ll be pampered with down-home country hospitality – home-cooked meals and refreshments to keep you nourished inside and out, plus your own space to be together.

Prior to arriving, you will receive a confidential Relationship Questionnaire, which you will each complete on your own.  This provides you with a great starting place for growth and conversation starters. We don’t ask to see these, however we will ask you to share some of your answers regarding what you appreciate about your relationship.

Prior to departing, to ensure you are able to leverage the great work you’ve both done, we’ll invite you to affirm your commitments – not a big list, only one or two things that you can easily keep in mind and do on a daily basis.

We invite you to check out this article for more ideas on what a retreat can be.

To learn more about this exclusive Relationship Recharge Get-away experience, we invite you to call us at 780-785-3700 or 780-785-9479.

We look forward to your call.

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