Keynotes, Seminars, Coaching

What do you want from a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, or performance excellence coach?

If a suit and a jargon-filled PowerPoint is what you’re after, it’s best to be blunt: I am not your man.

I’m a grassroots guy – I strive to mix humour and hopefulness, and combine rural values with sophisticated expertise in human relationships. I know you’ll find that my energetic and interactive style creates an atmosphere of learning and fun.

If the buzz phrase, “Corporate Social Responsibility” is floating around your office, my basic grass-roots approach will help you make positive impact in regard to your employees, customers, families, community, and environment. The principles I give you are simple and effective. And you can bet your boots I’ll motivate, encourage, and challenge your team to “think outside the barn” and apply the strategies.  And there’s no better time than NOW.

Please Email Me about growing a presentation especially for your field of talent

I will ask a ton of questions so I can custom-tailor a presentation especially to fit your theme, your time-frame, and your team’s challenges – either as a keynote or a longer interactive workshop.  Or choose from one of our most popular selections below.

Communication Excellence with Personality Dimensions® – training

Disagreements in the workplace? Arguments? Misconceptions? Have you ever considered how much time, energy, and productivity is lost due to these and other common communication problems in the workplace?  They are huge dollar-eaters and morale-busters. If you want to minimize these challenges, Communication Excellence with Personality Dimensions® is for you. It’s a highly interactive, informative, and fun workshop that gives your team the communication skills they need for greater clarity, understanding, and effectiveness.

Why Is Common-sense So Uncommon? – keynote

Your professional and personal life is full of choices, isn’t it? Some are conscious, made after careful research and consideration. Others are unconscious, split-second, knee-jerk reactions. It’s the latter that can cause negative, even devastating results in your professional and personal relationships. You don’t want to be there – your team at work, and your loved ones at home don’t want you to be there either. In this presentation you’ll learn success-gaining leadership strategies and how to consciously apply these strategies to make more money, be more productive, decrease stress and have more fun!

Why The Heck Do People Do What They Do? – keynote

In a perfect world, you’d lead a positive, productive team that never argued, disagreed, kept secrets, or advanced personal agendas. But it’s not a perfect world, is it? These things inevitably happen.  They create confusion, distraction, unmet expectations, productivity loss, and hurt feelings. They prevent your team from reaching its full potential. This “Why the Heck” presentation will help you identify the 4 different behavioral styles, and to understand how to use their motivators. I will equip you with the tools you need to tackle your biggest people challenges: labour shortages, lack of motivation, restructuring, diversity and generational issues, demographic shifts, and retention problems.

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