It's Time to Start Thinkin Outside the Barn!

We are Dan & Carol Ohler. Check out the video below.

We believe that the quality of your life experiences is dependent upon the quality of your relationships. And the quality of your relationships is dependent on the quality of your conversations. As Relationship Experts, we support you to make your conversations and relationships astonishing, or as some say “gobsmacking.”

That’s how simple it is. That’s also what can make life so darn tough at times.

We live on a small farm west of Edmonton, Alberta. We have always been in business together and we know about personal and business challenges and how they affect relationships, positively or negatively. That’s why relationships have become our expertise and passion.

What do you get from us?

The life and relationship coaching we offer supports you to think outside the barn – to step outside of your “normal” way of thinking, speaking, and behaving. You will explore and expand your life potential, whether that be in your relationship with a spouse, partner, or people in your professional life.

We support you to create your relationships by your design, rather than accepting what comes along by default. We support you to be accountable, which in our minds means you “own” your results.

Why do we do this professional coaching?

Because it works.

Business and professional coaching has become mainstream for executives and entrepreneurs worldwide to enhance effectiveness and productivity. We provide this to help you create measurable results. Relationships are always involved.

Many people think they can compartmentalize their professional life from their home relationships, but it doesn’t work. If you have crappy relationships at home, it affects your relationships at work. And vice versa.

How does coaching work?

Life and relationship coaching are ‘art’ and ‘science.’ It is an intuitive process supported by modern neurological research. It supports you to design your life consciously and intentionally; thereby creating the tangible results you want to see, hear, and feel.

As an individual, or as a couple, we coach with you in-person from our location near Edmonton, Alberta or by phone or video conference wherever you are.

Are you ready to get started with couples, business, life, or personal relationship coaching? Or do you need more information? It all starts with conversation. We invite you to call us at 780-785-9479.

Meet Dan & Carol Ohler