Our Vision, Mission & Values as Relationship Coaches in Canada

Our Vision:  Healing our world, one relationship at a time.

Our Mission: Supporting people to create their relationships by design; rather than by default.

Our Values Statement: Love is always the answer.


ConsciousnessLearningBeing of service
IntentionalityUnderstandingEffective relationships
HonestyActivityHuman resourcefulness

The Why and How:

The Quality of your “Home” Relationship is a critical factor in the success and sustainability in your profession/work, community, society, and our world. We call it the “Heart of Relationships©”.

When this relationship is created consciously, intentionally, and accountably, it results in feelings and experiences by all stakeholders of contentment, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

We specialize in working with you to develop tools and strategies (Toolkits) to prioritize and enhance your “Home” Relationship with your partner, where accountability is paramount.


The Quality of your Life is dependent on the Quality of your Relationships.

The Quality of your Relationships is dependent on the Quality of your Conversations.

Let’s have a Conversation, shall we?